Transform Client Safety By Becoming a MinRisk Partner

What Is A MinRisk Partner?

A Partner serves as the intermediary connecting MinRisk and the ultimate user of MinRisk. As a Partner your organisation procures MinRisk and subsequently vends this software to your clients. Further, a a partner you are able to use MinRisk’s software as a tool for your business (like performing a machine safety risk assessment for example), and then sell the software containing data to your clients.

Why Become A Partner?

The Partner concept benefits both you and your clients, while also increasing safety throughout our industry. Your organisation receives a financial benefit from adding your expertise and contact value to the sales process, your client is in turn supported by your product experience and expertise. And by reaching more organisation’s in need of our transformative safety software, our industry becomes safer for everyone.

Our Team Supports Your Team

  • Full training: so you can be well equipped to sell to and support your clients.
  • Troubleshooting: when things go wrong our team is available to help troubleshoot any technical issues should they arise.
  • Intelligent updates: we’re always listening to our clients and customers, and regularly incorporate feedback into the software’s updates.

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