Frequently Asked Questions

Is MinRisk available on Android and Apple?

MinRisk currently runs on iOS (optimised for iPad but also works on iPhone devices). Our development plans include making it Android-compatible and we will notify our users and update our website when this new platform is available.

Is it essential to have internet access to run the application?

You can complete machine risk assessments on your iPad without internet access and the data will be saved on your device until you obtain internet access. When your device next has internet access, you can then sync and upload the new data to the cloud.

Where is my company’s data stored?

All of your data is hosted in the cloud on secure Microsoft Azure databases.

How customisable is MinRisk?

There is a web portal that allows the customisation of certain features and look up fields such as a customisable 5 x 5 risk matrix.  Alternatively you can choose to estimate your risk levels using a Hazard Risk Number (HRN) method promoted by some TUV bodies.  There is also the ability to modify colours and logos on your reports so they can be branded as your organisation’s machine risk assessments.

MinRisk has report designer capabilities where we can modify the look and feel of risk assessment reports and LOTO cards – contact us for more details about this functionality.

Who is MinRisk built for?

MinRisk was built to support health and safety teams in the manufacturing sectors to automate their machine safety assessments with fewer errors, faster. Users no longer need to rely on Excel spreadsheets for managing risk registers and maintenance logs, or large Word documents that have no data or management information value.

MinRisk was developed by TEG Risk, and the first version has been utilised on TEG Risk projects for clients such as Sanford, Cavalier Bremworth, Alliance, ANZCO, Fonterra, and more. This app enabled these clients to produce world-class machine risk assessment reports, providing valuable, insightful, and easy-to-read data. Following the successful use of the app on such a scale, the TEG Risk Team refined the app, which has been brought to market as MinRisk, designed to produce better health and safety outcomes for Australasian businesses.

What standards and regulations does MinRisk meet?

MinRisk has been used to assess the risk of over 7,000 machines. It has been developed to meet the requirements of ISO12100 and AS/NZS 4024.1201.

Does the application integrate via APIs or with other Risk Management applications?

At this point, MinRisk does not have any APIs. However, it can produce customisable CSV data file outputs, and it has been used to produce these for clients wishing to upload the data into their Enterprise risk management system.