Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

MinRisk with a Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) card facility protects your team.

Regulations require all machinery to have programmes in place to prevent the movement of machinery during cleaning, maintenance and repair. This legislation protects your employees from hazardous energy in the workplace, reducing serious injury and workplace fatalities.

LOTO (Lock Out – Tag Out) is an established set of procedures created for every machine at a site or plant to Lock Out and Tag Out each energy source of an individual machine during its cleaning and maintenance, or repair stages.

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MinRisk protects your teams by creating Lock Out Tag Out cards (accessible electronically), and by providing access to LOTO assessments for individual machines.

LOTO Cards – The new tag for LOTO

When you have a printed LOTO Card from The MinRisk App they can replace the usual tags your organisation uses – except – a photo based procedure is now on the card. This means operators and maintainers can confirm what they need to Lock Out when when applying the tag.
With this information in the operators/maintainers hands, it’s more likely to be followed and updated when things change.

eLOTO Cards – a life-saving stop-gap.

Often, LOTO procedures are long winded documents that usually sit in a manual on a shelf somewhere and are rarely looked at. eLOTO cards are concise and available in a mobile device for quick reference and verification by any party at the machine until the LOTO card is applied. 

How it works

With MinRisk, creating detailed LOTO cards, your machine operators will have access to vital information including energy sources, isolator locations, and how to secure them. The e-LOTO card output for your workplace will make safety information more accessible for all, making it safer and more compliant.

What the output is

Take a look at an example of an eLOTO card output from the App. And reach out today to see how your workplace can be made safer through MinRisk and LOTO/eLOTO cards.

Available on the App Store.

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