Protect Your Team With MinRisk Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

MinRisk’s LOTO feature is designed to meet stringent safety regulations, ensuring the immobilisation of machinery during critical periods like cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Our software delivers a LOTO or e-LOTO function with real-time safety data and machine-specific procedures, crucial for protecting employees from hazardous energy and reducing serious workplace incidents.

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Key Benefits of MinRisk’s LOTO Feature

LOTO Management Software increases your compliance efficiency, streamlines your LOTO procedures and reduces LOTO related incidences. MinRisk’s user-friendly LOTO tools streamlines your lock out tag out procedures for improved workplace safety. 

Compliance Efficiency
Our LOTO Management Software elevates your compliance capabilities, streamlining procedures while diminishing LOTO-related incidents.

User-Friendly Tools
Simplify your lock out tag out process with MinRisk’s intuitive LOTO tools for enhanced workplace safety.

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LOTO card shown on The MinRisk App

LOTO Cards and eLOTO: The Digital Leap in Safety Management

The shift to a cloud-based model addresses critical issues associated with outdated Excel-based machine risk assessments

Compliant LOTO Cards

Enhance your safety protocols with MinRisk’s LOTO explicit imagery and instructions to support precise machine isolation.

Accessible eLOTO Cards

Gain instant access to essential lockout/tagout information via mobile-friendly eLOTO Cards, ensuring critical data is at your team’s fingertips for swift and accurate application.

Real-Time Updates and Communication

Utilise dynamic eLOTO Cards to receive updates and communicate changes in safety procedures in real-time, fostering an adaptive and informed safety environment.

How LOTO Enhances Your Safety Standards

With MinRisk, machine operators gain immediate access to critical LOTO information, including energy sources, isolator locations, and securement methods. Our e-LOTO card system transforms safety protocol accessibility, supporting a safer, more compliant environment.

Explore MinRisk’s LOTO Solution

Discover the effectiveness of MinRisk’s eLOTO cards with an example from our app. Connect with us to learn how MinRisk’s LOTO and eLOTO solutions can fortify safety in your workplace.

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Mobile First Design

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