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I would rather use nothing else due to the productivity gains and logical means of documenting the existing controls & remedial actions with photos providing visual references. The MinRisk App pairs nicely with built in features in the iPad to achieve a really powerful solution. New features have been added during the time I have been using it, making it more and more user friendly.

Warren Wagener – Senior Safety Engineer, TEG Risk

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Mobile Machine Safety Reporting

Mobile Machine Safety Reporting

Access The MinRisk App on your tablet or phone for on-site reviews and uploads on machine condition and control measures. The MinRisk App then populates beautiful, customisable reports – Book a demo to learn more.

Machine Safety Report

Convert your machine safety consultant report into an informative and actionable digital record

Manage machine safety assessments across thousands of machines with MinRisk’s mobile solution. Document important safety information with text, photos, URL links all in one simple tool.

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Expert knowledge of New Zealand and Australia Health and Safety requirements

We have engineers based in New Zealand and Australia, and have an in-depth knowledge of Health and Safety legislation across Australasia. Our affiliated company, TEG Risk, has a team of consultants specialising in machine safety and risk management, making us leaders in the field of optimising machine safety for our clients.