Guide To Machine Safety Risk Assessments

This guide, written by MinRisk and TEG Risk’s team of expert machine safety professionals aim to demystify machine risk assessments and support you to better protect your employees.

If you’re a director/senior manager in the manufacturing, forestry, or engineering industries, you are obliged – both legally and morally – to manage your company’s risks.

However, not all directors realise the full extent of their responsibility. Of course, you know to ensure employees are safe and productive and that your organisation will provide the appropriate training, reinforce basic safety concepts, and issue protective equipment. But that’s often where it ends.

Knowing what safeguarding measure to provide will be determined by a machine risk assessment (MRA). Assessing machine safety risk is a technical and highly specialised area of safety management. Despite training and experience, even health and safety personnel may lack the knowledge base to understand machine safety fully.

If your organisation has machinery and you need to undertake machine safety risk assessments, you’ll need to ensure adequate time is provided to complete these, competent people complete the assessments, and then once assessed, you are managing these correctly and implementing any required fixes in a timely way.

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