At The MinRisk App, we are constantly striving to improve the user experience and the App’s capabilities, to make keeping our client’s workplaces safer, easier.

Based on feedback from expert Safety Engineers from TEG Risk who have written hundreds and hundreds of risk assessments in The MinRisk App, we have added the following new enhancements that will improve productivity and the user experience, including:

  • New search capability to all list pages
  • Full synchronisation can be actioned from any list page
  • Swipe and tap on list page items to more quickly navigate into the application
  • Edit mode will persist with just one tap meaning less screen tapping to make updates to your risk assessments.

New Navigation Demo

Risk assessments are important legal documents so quality assurance and workflow’s are important. To aide with this we have added the following new features:

  • New definable roles with set permissions so you can assign permission to personnel based on their competency and responsibilities within your risk management policies – this includes:
    ○ Risk Controller –
    – Accept or Reject the Risk Assessment Review process
    – Accept residual risk
    ○ Risk Assessment Author –
    – Write / edit risk assessments and submit for review
  • Draft State
    ○ Authors can start authoring a machine risk assessment and can mark it as ‘draft’ while it is work in progress so it cannot be seen by others until ready
  • New configurable lists for “Site, Department, Area” – means you can standardise / structure your data entry to allow consistent and quality outputs.

New Accept Residual Risk Feature

New ‘Save As Draft’ Feature

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