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Machine Safety Solutions by MinRisk

MinRisk is your trusted partner in machine safety solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions and tools to ensure that your workplace remains safe and compliant. At MinRisk, we understand the importance of safety in your industrial operations, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Explore our solutions to find out how we can enhance your safety standards.

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We’re improving risk management assessments for dozens of companies

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions and tools designed to assess, mitigate, and manage safety risks, ensuring your operations remain safe and compliant.

Machine Risk Assessments

MinRisk MRA software provides an efficient solution for machine risk assessments, focusing on identifying and evaluating workplace hazards to ensure compliance with safety regulations, making MinRisk MRA an essential tool for proactive safety planning and implementation.

Improved Workplace Safety

MinRisk provides effective safety control systems, featuring a comprehensive Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) solution for machinery maintenance safety, and platform customisation to meet specific organisational needs. Implement robust risk assessment tools to identify hazards, mitigate risks, and create a safer environment for all. Put machinery safety information in the hands of the people that are exposed to risk.

Collaboration and Communication on Machinery Safety

Our software ensures effective coordination of safety-related tasks and fosters a strong safety culture by making risk information accessible to those exposed to risks. The mobile-first approach allows for on-the-floor risk reviews and easy sharing of information and photos from phones or iPads. Additionally, the software supports customisable access permissions, ensuring that everyone from H&S Managers to Machine Operators can access machine safety information relevant to their roles.

Safety Regulation Compliance

Our solution is dedicated to effective risk management and adherence to key standards like ISO12100, AS/NZS 4024.1201, and AS/NZS 4024.1503. Central to this solution is the Machine Safety Risk Assessment Reporting Output, providing detailed insights for efficiently prioritising and addressing identified risks, and ensures accurate, organised, and real-time accessible records. This modern approach replaces manual or Excel-based reporting, aligning documentation with compliance requirements and enhancing accessibility.

More than just risk-tracking software, MinRisk is your go-to partner for complete machine safety solutions.

MinRisk is your partner for all things related to machine safety solutions. With a comprehensive range of services, safety tools, and training, we are committed to enhancing your safety standards, mitigating risks, and maintaining compliance. 

MinRisk Machine Safety Software Risk Assessment Report Reviewed By Risk Assessor

Our solutions are comprised of a range of machine safety, and software features built by experts to support you and your business to improve your risk profile. Find out more about our features like Automated Machine Risk Reporting, LOTO, our Training Module, and more.

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Risk consulting partners

We work with you, and our partner’s like TEG Risk (TÜV Qualified Safety Engineering Consultancy), to support you to maximise use of MinRisk’s technology.

For more information on our consulting partners, please contact us.

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MinRisk pricing is based on sites, machines and users. Our flexible pricing allows for different access types and growing businesses. Talk to our team about MinRisk’s Machine Risk Management software.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to pay for implementation with the software?2024-03-06T10:38:22+13:00

No, our team will support you to get set up with MinRisk, including initial support to help you and your team to understand the software and how best to maximise it’s use alongside your existing systems. We do not ‘implement’ the software for you as such, but are here to help you to maximise your license.

How long does it take to set up?2024-03-06T10:39:16+13:00

Once you’ve purchased a MinRisk license, our team will help you get set up immediately within standard working hours.

How does risk management software replace Excel reporting?2024-03-06T10:41:45+13:00

MinRisk replaces manual Excel reporting through our mobile-first machine risk assessment software. Our solution supports compliance with international safety standards, when undertaking risk assessments users are prompted to complete all aspects of the machine risk assessment within the reporting software, and by doing so enables the automated report to be produced, compliant to those standards.

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