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MinRisk’s machine risk assessment software is designed to equip your health and safety teams with the tools needed to achieve compliance, reduce risk, and maximise efficiencies in your business. Developed by award-winning Machine Safety Engineering Consultancy TEG Risk no stone has been left unturned in developing a world-class machine safety reporting system, fit for purpose in the modern era. Gone are the days of manual risk reporting, and using a stagnant Excel system to attempt to manage your risk posture.

MinRisk is your one-stop shop solution for machine safety, and we’re confident that you will agree – which is why we’re offering a 12-month FREE Trial to WHS Melbourne attendees.

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MinRisk MRA Reporting Features

Individual Machine Assessment
MinRisk uses a data input system for each machine that ensures that the resulting report provides compliant information.

MinRisk allows each user assessing a machine to enter information in each of the following areas:

Date, and time information, as well as information about the department, site, area, machine descriptions, and more. Labels can be applied to each machine for your teams to manage as you see fit.

At each stage of the machine risk assessment, the user can import and include ‘marked-up’ photos to relevant areas of the report. This is a phenomenal feature for those accessing the app across multiple locations.

Users are prompted to assess the physical limits of the machine,and identify the scope and limits of the risk assessment in pre-populated text fields.

While undertaking a risk assessment using the app, the user is prompted to file general equipment and process descriptions of the machine. Further, the user will provide information about the ‘start-up’, and ‘normal operation’ procedures involved. Finally, the user must provide information about the ‘end of run’, and the cleaning and maintenance process involved with the machine. There is also an opportunity to add general commentary around any known machine issues here.

In this section of the report-builder there is an analysis of the fixed guards, interlocks / safety functions, warning signs / indication, and any e-stops that are currently in place. Finally, there is an opportunity to add comments.

In addition to the assessment of the machine, there is a section within the risk assessment that focuses purely on the energy sources involved, relating to the machine undergoing assessment. Within this, using predefined fields for population, users assess the energy source, whether the source poses a hazard, the location of the isolator and locking systems (including descriptions and labelling), provided Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) instructions, and any remedial works/comments required.

In addition to the assessment of the machine and energy sources, there is another section within the risk assessment that focuses purely on the hazards identified on the machine. Each identified hazard is managed separately. 

Users have an opportunity to provide a description of the hazard, including information about the hazard source, the status of the hazard, and the reason for the hazard identification.

Users are then prompted to provide information about the phases of the machine life cycle, and the identification of the raw risk factors (including the ability to rate the risk factors, likelihood of occurrence, and possibility of avoiding hazards). A raw, current, and residual risk score is then applied, allowing your teams to prioritise and manage all machine hazards in your workplace.

Finally, the user can document the controls in place, in relation to the identified hazards.

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The MinRisk App marked up machine risk assessment photos on an ipad

*Marked up photo example – in app.

MinRisk Training Module Key Features

Our Training App is built for for operators, maintainers, cleaners and presents safety information in an easy to digest format. It’s a read only, super simple to use app that pulls down data from the current, cloud based database that MinRisk MRA populates. A MinRisk MRA license is required to access the MinRisk Training App, however your business can use a license for just the Training App and the data in it – simply have a MinRisk Partner (like TEG Risk) keep the data up to date. Our Partners can come to site and update the information and keep your Training App data current.

MinRisk Training – Safety Cards

Easy to use with swipe and scroll through the cards. General hazard awareness and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Cards.

Easy to action machine information. Search in the library, integrate QR Codes, or generate URL links you can paste into SOP’s.

MinRisk’s Training software is available in both the Apple Store and Google Store to support end users to access reports in real-time from any device. Use the buttons below to learn more and download today.

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“I would rather use nothing else due to the productivity gains and logical means of documenting the existing controls & remedial actions with photos providing visual references. MinRisk pairs nicely with built in features in the iPad to achieve a really powerful solution. New features have been added during the time I have been using it, making it more and more user friendly.”

Warren Wagener – Senior Safety Engineer, TEG Risk

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