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Better Machine Risk Assessments

At MinRisk, we understand that safety is paramount in any industrial setting. Our Machine Risk Assessment Software is designed to help you identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring safer and more efficient workplaces. With features like automated risk assessment reports and the ability to perform real-time on-site assessments, our solution streamlines the risk assessment process, supporting compliance with ISO12100, AS/NZS 4024.1201, and AS/NZS 4024.1503.

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Enhancing Safety with MinRisk’s Machine Risk Assessment Features

MinRisk’s Risk Assessment Solution is enhanced by key features designed to optimise the risk assessment process and improve workplace safety. Automated Machine Safety Risk Assessment Reporting Output provides clear, actionable insights, enabling efficient prioritization and resolution of identified risks.

Automated Machine Risk Assessments

Automated Reporting updates machine safety management by quickly generating detailed, user-customised risk assessment reports, replacing outdated tools like Excel.

Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)

We understand the importance of isolating machinery during maintenance. MinRisk’s LOTO solutions are integrated into the risk assessment process, ensuring the safety of your workforce.

Platform Customisation

Our solution is adaptable to your specific needs, allowing you to customise your risk assessment platform according to your requirements.

Risk Management Integrations

MinRisk seamlessly integrates with your existing risk management systems, providing a holistic approach to managing safety and risk.

Training Application

Our training application empowers your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain a safe workplace.

Comprehensive Machine Risk Assessments

MinRisk’s Risk Assessment Software is your answer to comprehensive machine risk assessment. Our software supports assessors to produce effective and comprehensive risk assessments, contributing to a safer working environment. The software then supports those that interpret and read reports creating a safer environment for all.

Machine Risk Assessment Tools

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Hazard Identification

Identify potential hazards and risks associated with your machinery and processes.

Energy Sources

Identify potential sources of energy and risks associated with your machinery and processes.

Risk Evaluation

Evaluate the identified hazards to determine their severity and likelihood.

Risk Rating

Assign a risk rating to prioritise and address the most critical risks first.

The MinRisk App energy source assessment

A Systematic Approach to Safety Excellence

MinRisk’s commitment to safety is evident in our systematic approach:

User Onboarding and Software Customisation

Quick Software Setup: MinRisk initiates with a swift setup of our safety management software for users.

Tailored Customisation: Users personalise Machine Risk Assessments and Compliance tools for their specific needs.

Training and User Empowerment

Concise Training: MinRisk offers concise yet comprehensive training for optimal use of the software.

Feature Utilisation Guidance: We provide clear instructions on using key features for enhanced safety management.

Implementation and Integration

Effortless Integration: Our software integrates smoothly with users’ existing systems and workflows.

User-Led Deployment: Users implement MinRisk tools as per their operational needs.

Ongoing Support and Updates

Reliable Support: Ongoing technical assistance and updates from MinRisk improve user experience.

Evolving Updates: We regularly update the software to stay in step with current safety standards.

Enhancing Safety Management for Users

Risk Assessor Empowerment: MinRisk’s tools aid assessors in performing efficient and compliant evaluations.

Insightful Reports for Clients: Clients gain from clear safety reports and analytics for informed decision-making.

Download a sample report

Download our sample Machine Risk Assessment Report details an example of the automated report produced from the app. Have any questions? Talk to our team today.

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Frequently asked questions

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Do I have to pay for implementation with the software?2024-03-06T10:38:22+13:00

No, our team will support you to get set up with MinRisk, including initial support to help you and your team to understand the software and how best to maximise it’s use alongside your existing systems. We do not ‘implement’ the software for you as such, but are here to help you to maximise your license.

How long does it take to set up?2024-03-06T10:39:16+13:00

Once you’ve purchased a MinRisk license, our team will help you get set up immediately within standard working hours.

How does risk management software replace Excel reporting?2024-03-06T10:41:45+13:00

MinRisk replaces manual Excel reporting through our mobile-first machine risk assessment software. Our solution supports compliance with international safety standards, when undertaking risk assessments users are prompted to complete all aspects of the machine risk assessment within the reporting software, and by doing so enables the automated report to be produced, compliant to those standards.

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