Welcome To The MinRisk Partner Portal

As a MinRisk Partner seeking to optimise machine risk management for clients, you understand the cost and time benefits of automating essential risk assessments, reporting and management.

This portal highlights everything you need to deliver MinRisk. Review our brand guidelines, access training programmes for your teams and build a sales funnel to easily track and validate your leads.

MinRisk Brand Kit

Ready to present MinRisk to a client? We’re here to provide a valuable solution and support you in delivering the best service with MinRisk. Here you’ll find all the brand guidelines and partner logos to include in your sales outreach.

Choose from a range of Partner Logos and template sales resource PDFs
Download brand guidelines
Download partner logos


Here you can submit leads as a MinRisk partner, request an update on the status of a provided referral, access useful resources, brand materials, and submit relevant staff in your organisation into a short training program to get them up to speed on MinRisk.

Submit Leads On Behalf Of Your Business Using The Form Below:

Reach Out To The MinRisk Partnership Team Who Will Provide An Update On The Status Of Current Leads Submitted Within 3-5 Business Days:

Our Team Is On Hand To Support You.

We’re committed to providing our partners with the support required to educate and inform your clients and customers about MinRisk. We are also committed to ensuring our clients have a transparent relationship with MinRisk as it relates to the status of your leads, from the time in which you submit a lead to MinRisk, to the point at which they become a customer and you receive your partner commission.

Contact details can be found below:


We’ve put together a range of helpful resources to support you and your team to navigate MinRisk, check out our short videos using the links below:

  • Exporting a report
  • Managing a hazard
  • Reporting an incident

Reach Out To The MinRisk Partnership Team Who Will Provide An Update On The Status Of Current Leads Submitted Within 3-5 Business Days:

Enrol staff into a short email automation journey that spans a 3 days, and 3 emails and provides useful information about MinRisk and how it benefits your clients. This is optional, however recommended for staff new to the MinRisk concept that regularly deal with clients that manage risk assessments:

  • Email One: Introducing the MinRisk Platform
  • Email Two: Managing Risk Assessments
  • Email Three: Navigating MinRisk With Clients

Enrol your staff into the automation journey using the short form below (they will automatically receive email one):

MinRisk - Partner Portal

Deliver MinRisk and receive your agreed commission within just 3-months

  • Submit warm leads

  • Assess client eligibility

  • Client on-boarding to MinRisk App

  • 3-Months of continued MinRisk use and payment

  • Commission paid

Day 1 -2
  • Access the MinRisk Partner Portal  
  • Assign your internal staff members to oversee sales and delivery of MinRisk.
  • Download brand guidelines and logos
  • Access our leads tool and set up reporting
Day 3-4

Become a MinRisk Expert with our Partner Training Schedule

  • Enrol in the MinRisk training programme
  • You’ll gain access to an automated workflow with detailed videos, a test client to get your team up to speed and in-person sales support if required.
Day 5-6

Set up for success with bespoke marketing support from MinRisk.

  • Customise MinRisk sales template documents
  • Include partner logos on your website
  • Add a MinRisk link to your website
Day 7-10

Kickstart your performance with co-selling opportunities

  • Build your sales funnel and highlight opportunities to grow MinRisk within your business
  • Begin initial introductions to MinRisk with the support of the MinRisk partner delivery team – a partnership format to convey the value proposition
  • Use MinRisk product demos as an effective sales tool for prospective clients
  • Log all leads in the designated lead tool.
Week 2

MinRisk Partner Certified

  • With training delivered and your first leads in the pipeline, you’re now a Certified MinRisk Partner 
  • Complete successful referrals with three months of continued use (and payment)
Month 3

Verify and validate the MinRisk Partner solutions in your business

  • Following three months of continued use (and payment), you’ll receive your pre-agreed commission
  • Report on the success of your partner referrals and provide MinRisk with feedback from your experience.